Skiing in Vail Colorado!!

Let’s face it, the number one draw to Vail, Colorado is the skiing. If you are visiting Vail you are thinking of hitting the slope, and there are definitely a few good reasons for that. Though Aspen often gets the publicity, true skiers know that Vail has much more to offer on their slopes. Whether it is the size of the mountain, the number of lifts, or the lack of crowd there are plenty of reasons you should think about making Vail your next ski destination.

ski-base-vail-coloradoFirst of all, Vail Mountain is the single largest skiing mountain in North America. Yes, the absolute largest measuring out at a whopping 5,289 skiable acres of mountain. Vail Mountain’s size alone put it in a class by itself. That area is divided into three different “sides:” the Front Side, the Back Bowls, and the Blue Sky Basin. However there is much more than just the acreage.

Vail Mountain offer convenience of 34 lifts placed perfectly throughout the ski area. You can easily work your way from the easiest of beginner slopes all the way up to black expert slopes through moguls and varying terrain. There is something on the Mountain for everyone.

Overall, Vail Mountain rises from its base elevation of 8,120 feet above sea level all the way up to more than 11,000 ft. Combine that 3,450 ft. vertical rise with 346 inches of snow annually as well as snow making capabilities and there is no such thing as a bad day of skiing on Vail Mountain. There is also fantastic weather on the slopes. The Vail area in Colorado gets over 275 days of sunshine a year, and many of those days are during the heart of ski season.

If all of that isn’t enough, consider that Vail Mountain gives you what every skier wants, space. With all that acreage, an average day at Vail includes only about two skiers per acre of slope. That is an average day, though. On the busiest days, that number jumps all the way up to four skiers per acre of slope. You always have space to actually ski in Vail and with everyone so spread out there is always plenty of soft powder and groomed snow to enjoy.

Speaking of groomed snow, nobody does more grooming than Vail Mountain. They groom daily with almost 30 snowcat groomers. Vail Mountain grooms more acreage on the slopes in one day than many other resorts have in their entire resort. That ensures that you will always find good snow and have a great skiing experience.dscn7763

There is a reason people associate the town of Vail, Colorado with skiing. That reason, of course is that it has some of the best skiing in not only Colorado, but also North America. On Vail Mountain you will find the largest ski area, the most lifts, and the best groomed snow so that your ski experience will be the best one possible. So make your next ski trip one to Vail, Colorado and enjoy the best skiing experience in the Rocky Mountains.